Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Done... Again.

Remember that time several years ago when I shared my addiction to diet sodas? I wanted to stop drinking them.  I read that the artificial sweeteners do the same thing to my brain that processed sugars do.  And with my body type, I needed no help craving more sugars.  So, I quit Diet Cokes. I went through a full detox over the damn things.  I had what some call "detox flu," body aches, sweats, and headaches, for days.  I swore once I had kicked that habit I would never again drink that poison.

Oooopsies.  I forgot that, too.

It wasn't a conscious decision to drink the equivalent of my body weight in ounces of Diet Coke a day.  {Don't do the math; just know I was drinking A LOT of Diet Coke.} It began slowly though.  My good habits slowly eroded away.  I ordered a soda when we ate out at restaurants.  Then I started buying the 12 pack of cans at Target, rationing them for the week.

Isn't that how these things happen?  We feel good about where we are and we loosen up.  Or perhaps we just dip our toes back into the dangerous waters that once swept us away.

Well, just like that: I began drinking Diet Coke again.  And then I drank Diet Coke A LOT.  I felt like I needed 5-6 cans of it to make it through my day with 5 kids.

Until about 6 weeks ago.  I quit Diet Cokes... again.  Done. Cold turkey.  Once again I went through the detox flu. Now, I am drinking about 80 ounces of water a day.  I have found that now, since I am not drinking soda, they don't even taste good to me anymore.  Way too sweet!  It also helps to have a really cute water bottle.  I don't know why this helps, but I'm certain this is scientifically proven.

I have also found the La Croix carbonated waters are helpful to give me the bubblies that I crave in the afternoon.  They have lots of fun flavors, so I haven't gotten bored with those. They are helping me steer clear of diet sodas! {P.S. No one is paying me to say these kind words about La Croix.  I sincerely enjoy the drink!}

Just another update on the journey to health for me.  I am still having caffeine withdrawal headaches. I am so ready to be done with those.  I am thankful for lots of clean, drinking water and cute water bottle.  {And, ahem, let's be honest: lots of WC's around town to drop off my water.}

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Hi.  It's me again!  5 years later.  I'm still on this wild ride, a little further from my fitness and health goals.  But I am still on the way!

When you are seated on an airplane and are preparing for take-off, what is one of the things that flight attendants instruct you to do for safety?

"Place your own oxygen mask on your face before assisting others."  

Right? We know this.  It makes sense. And yet, it is so hard to do in the midst of life's demands. Especially when traveling this journey with children and those who require assistance, it is vital to place your own oxygen mask first before assisting others.  

Ooopsies.  I forgot. 

This is the story of how I was reminded.  

So, I am exhausted all the time.  I also have five children.  I began seeing health professionals to see if my exhaustion had other roots besides mothering five children.  That questioning led me down a path of various testing, one of which was a sleep study.  

Turns out I stop breathing over and over again within an hour.  My body was just trying to survive the night, certainly not resting and restoring for the next day.  

I was prescribed CPAP therapy, continuous positive airway pressure, for sleeping.  This CPAP machine has tubes, and you guessed it: a MASK.  You can probably picture this ultra sexy contraption strapped to my face already, but in case you cannot, here is a photo.  
You're welcome.  I mean, pretty damn cute, right? I like to keep things real around here.  {Notice, my also ultra sexy Vanity Fair gown. Hello, Mamaw.}  

Ahem, I digress.  

Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, has told me just how wonderful I am going to feel with my CPAP.  Once I am getting a full night's sleep, I am going to be so refreshed.  I am going to be so energized.  I would finally have the energy to care for my family the way I want to!  

I was going to literally have to put on my mask before assisting others. 

But, I had to get over myself because of 1) Shame. How did I get to this place at my young age where I have to have this contraption?  Isn't this needed for older folk?  And when did my weight get this out of control? 2) I mean really.  This thing is not attractive.  Think Snuffalufagus.  Will my man still think I'm hot before I wear the mask?  Will he see me the same way?  3) How the hell will I actually fall asleep with something strapped to my face?  I loathe anything restricting anything, anywhere on my body. 

I had to try.  1) and 2) proved to be non-issues.  3) was definitely an issue.  I am still getting some help with this one.  

I put my mask on every night in hopes that it will help restore and refresh my body. The jury is still out.  I am not yet feeling wonderfully refreshed.  I am getting a full nights sleep though!  That's improvement.  I still have hope!  I desire to live abundantly and fully for my family and myself, and this CPAP and it's mask are some of the tools to help me along the way.  

I will continue to share more of my journey and the tools I'm using along the way!