Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hey y'all!

I'm still here!  Are you?  Hello?

What a few weeks it has been!  I am excited to post an update on this here little space!  It has been too long!  Well, where to start?  Our family is embarking on the adventure of foster parenting, so our weeks are really full with classes and preparation!  Our meals have been pretty quick or easy.  Which, unfortunately, in our home mostly equals not super healthy.  I am trying to remember to extend grace to myself as I know this is a season.

I weighed this week.  It was good news!  I have lost 19 pounds so far.  My first goal was 5%.  I met that pretty quickly.  I have been inching towards my second goal of 10% for about a month now!  This has been slow.  But I knew when I began this journey that I was not headed for immediate and quick weight loss. Rather, I am aiming for changing my heart and then my body.

I have a lot of days where I feel great!  I can tell I have more energy with the weight I have already lost.  Then, of course, there are plenty of days that I feel exhausted and worn out.  That, I am sure, has something to do with three kids and our current schedule!

Again because of our schedule, I have not exercised like I want to these last 2 weeks.  I was exercising about 5 days/week prior to our classes beginning.  This past week I only got in 3 days.  But, I can tell my heart is different... because I actually missed it!  Ha.  That's a first!

So, that's the news around here.  What about you?  How are things going for you?  Thank you for joining me in this journey!


  1. Yay! Missed you, my friend, but I understand :) It's so fun to hear how this journey is changing you. I think one of my favorite things about something like this is we are teaching our bodies and hearts to crave something different, something healthy. That's change I can live with for a long time to come...

    By the by, I am loving the Lose It app. It's helped me to establish greater portion control and, more importantly {I think}, is helping me to see calories as fuel for my body and all that it can do versus an emotional pacifier. Who knew? Ha!

  2. Woohoo! Way to go Meredith - that is a great accomplishment! You will hit 10% soon. Good for you, aiming for a heart change - that is where the hardest work takes place, but where the lasting change is made. You are an encouragement to me!

  3. GO GIRL! 19 lbs. is a LOT! I mean one of your kids prolly weighs that. Pick 'em up and feel the diff on your feet. Tha's GONE! And all that other foster kid stuff is SO exciting! I so proud of you. I so proud of God for what he's doing with/for you! <3


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