Friday, April 1, 2011


Today and yesterday, I would be considered an overachiever IF I was trying to see how many calories I could take in.  Sheesh.  Adding all those calories into my LoseIt page was discouraging.  I am thankful that tomorrow is a new day.

My good friend, Leslie, and I are having Skype dates to discuss Made to Crave.  That's some good stuff!  Last night was our first date.  I was late because Smitty and I had a mini-date {meaning we only had one of our 3 children} and we chose to get yogurt for dessert!  I had to laugh at the irony. I texted Leslie to let her know I would be late for our first discussion because we were craving some yogurt!  {Grace, Muffy.  Remember to give yourself some, too.}

She looked right purty for our date.  Look, isn't she beautiful?

We laughed and laughed.  We shared what the Lord was doing in our hearts to bring us to this place.  It was really helpful and encouraging!

Here is a funny picture of my Skype date just after I {her Macbook, actually} got tackled by her four-legged monster, Knox.
And here's the culprit.  Ain't he cute?  Apparently, I {her Macbook} was sitting in his chair.  I'll know better next time.

I am thankful to have Leslie and all of you as companions for this journey!  I have felt encouraged today!  From my discussion with Leslie last night to my husband joining this exercise journey and pushing me to do my best to my phone conversations with Patrice {she tells me how beautiful I am every time we talk}, I am feeling encouraged!


  1. Oh my word, so much fun!! I still wish I had been recording so I could've seen what it looked like for myself when Knox jumped "on" you :) Can't wait for this week's chat!

  2. Hi Meredith! Just found this bloggie. Good fo' you, girlie! I am on the very same journey. FYI, you might check out Clean Eating mag and website. It's basically the same as Weight Watchers and is just good for you AND your family! Besides that, it's rilly good food! ;) Ima check out that book you posted, thanks for that! <3


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